Carbon Filter Pad

In the vast majority of API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) processes activated carbon is required to remove color, odor or endotoxins from liquid. Carlson offers the following standard grades for these processes. The 3 grades listed are all low (<0.1 EU/ml) pyrogen content, high (60% w/w) carbon content and standard (1300 gsm) weight.
Carlcarb ICN: The carbon is of high purity, with activation level and is compliant to USP. It is widely used for endotoxin Reduction & de-colorization.
Carlcarb MCN: High purity level but particularly can be effective for macro porosity & removal of large color molecules associated with de-colorization of vitamins, antibiotics & Proteins.
Carlcarb PCN: It is used generally in pharmaceuticals applications for excellent color adsorption & low ion level. Which provides high level of activation across the macro, meso & Micro pore size
For beverage, chemical and general applications where de-colorization and/or de-odourization are required, Carlson offers the CarlCarb “A” range of media in 3 different forms to suit different applications.
CarlCarb AN: with standard 46% (w/w) carbon content and standard media weight of 1300 gsm
CarlCarb ALN: with standard 46% (w/w) carbon content but in lighter weight (1080 gsm) media. This grade finds particular favor in areas where minimal color reduction is required.
CarlCarb ACN: with higher 60% (w/w) carbon content in standard (1300gsm) media.
CarlCarb QCN: is a higher adsorption, higher performance grade for use in markets similar to the “A” range. With high 60% (w/w) carbon content, low ion content and a higher adsorption capacity, QCN is a premium performance version of the CarlCarb “A” range.