Cleanroom Hood

Standard Design:

  • Ties at the back.
  • Flat top.
  • Adjustable by ties at the back.
  • Only eyes visible.

Optional Accessories

  • Buckle/Velcro/Elastic/Press Button as adjustment at the back of the hood.
  • Different fastening options for face-mask.
  • Individual coding.

Types Of Hood / Head Caps

Open Face Hood
  • Face area open
  • Stud fastening front.
  • Vertical and Horizontal stud back.

Full Face Hood
  • Flat hood – white Fabric -standard.
  • ID flat head attachment
  • Shoulder protection
  • Spiral zipper at the front(plastic)
  • Comfortable ear net
  • Press studs to attach facemask to the inside of the hood

Head Cap