Cleanroom Booty and Overboot

Standard Design:

  • Elastic on top
  • Adjustable by press button
  • Zipper in front
  • Snap lock over the instep, adjustable


  • Flexible Foam Sole.
  • Flat Sole.
  • Firm High Rubber Sole

Optional Accessories

  • Second snap lock at the front of the foot
  • Artificial leather reinforcements at the heel area and at the toe area of the sole (only for models with rubber sole)
  • Flexible synthetic sole, antistatic
  • Individual coding

Types Booties and Shoe Cover

  • Stud button at bridge and top
  • Elastic Ankle
  • Elastic Tops & Bridge
  • Elastic Ankles
  • Soles.
  • PES ties at knee and ankle height.
  • Adjustable snap fastener at instep height.
  • Light grey plastic sole.
  • PES band reinforcement between sole and texture.

Shoe Cover

  • Elastic Tops.
  • Rubber Sole at bottom (optional)