Cleanroom Wipes POTA

Kitten developed a wide range of knitting wipers based on its textile expertise. Kitten POTA is a specialized circular knit fabric. This special design gives the wiper a very soft hand-feel and ultra- high absorbency. Four thermally sealed edges effectively control the release of particles and fibers. Made of 100% polyester texturing yarn, the Kitten CK10 offers low particle count, low extractable ions, solvent compatibility, high strength and good wiping efficiency.


  • Extra high water absorption.
  • Good wiping performance.
  • Non scratching to smooth surface.
  • Low particle level, Low NVR via cleanroom laundering process.
  • Soft hand-feel with high abrasion resistance.
  • Compatible with detergent and most solvents.
  • Good thermal resistance (less than 1500°C).


  • Ideal for general wiping purpose in sterile cleanroom (biotech industry, pharmaceuticals industry).
  • Suitable for general wiping purpose in Class 100-10000 (ISO 5-7) cleanroom (semiconductor industry, hard disc, floppy, GMR, LCD, PCB….etc).
  • Suitable for cleaning optic instruments (lens, camera industry), equipment or computer screen.


Style No. Kitten POTA
Composition 100% Polyester
Weave Knitted Fabric
Weight 260 g/m ± 5%
Cut Edge Laser Cut
Color Raw White/Sky Blue
Size 4″x4″, 9″x9″, 12″x12″, 18″x18″ (Custom Size Available)