Cleanroom Wiper CK22

The most widely used cleanroom wipers are made from knitted fabrics composed of synthetic filament polyester. Kitten manufactures a wide range of these knitted, taking advantage of its expertise in textiles. The critical factor for performance wipers is cleanliness. The cleanliness of a wiper is very dependent on the cutting technology and laundering process.

SteriUNO® CK22 has fully sealed cut edges which effectively decreases the release of particles and fibers. The circular knitting fabric made of 100% polyester texturing yarn provides benefits including soft feel, fit perfectly, good absorbency for solvent and water, resistance to abrasion and excellent wiping efficiency. These wipers are processed and laundered in a cleanroom environment. Our proprietary laundering process minimizes NVR’s, Ion content and provides consistently clean performance.


  • Good water absorption.
  • Good wiping performance.
  • Non scratching to smooth surface.
  • Soft hand feel high abrasion resistance.
  • Low particle level, Low NVR via cleanroom laundering process.
  • Compatible with detergent and most solvents.
  • Good thermal resistance (less than 150°C).


General purpose wiping application in Class 10-1000 cleanroom for semiconductor industry (hard disc, floppy, GMR, LCD, PCB…etc) and sterile cleanroom (biotech industry, pharmaceutics industry). Maintenance of optic instruments (lens, camera industry), equipment or computer screen.


Style No. SteriUNO ® CK22
Composition 100% Polyester
Weave Knitted fabric (Interlock)
Weight 110 g/m ±5%, 120 g/m ± 5%
Cut Edge Ultrasonic Seal, Laser
Color Raw White
Style No. CK22HA9
Cutting Type Laser
Size 4″x 4″, 9″X 9″, 12″X 12″, 18″X 18″ (Custom Sizes Available)
Packaging 75 pcs/ inner bag, 2 inner bags/ polybag (150pcs), 10 polybags/ carton (1500 pcs)